Vape Pen and Concentrate Safety

Here are several peer reviewed sources which support using vape cartridges and products free of thinning agents like propylene glycol. Also understand while black market products could be cheaper, there is a VERY high degree of pesticide contamination and potential carcinogenic thinning agents used in unverified products. The study below found a relationship between PEG in the air and asthma, …


Can you purchase new firearms while having a cannabis card?

Not according to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – they demonized cannabis more than opiates, as folks with an opiate prescription can still purchase fire arms. Read the case:

child custody


The answer is, it depends.  The court will analyze whether your involvement poses a threat to your children.  If the Judge decides it does, you could be deemed “abusive,” and your custody rights could be limited or terminated.  Such a finding could also trigger unwanted attention from the Department of Children and Family Services (“DCFS”) or the District Attorney’s Office. …


3rd Annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference   The ICBC San Francisco—Northern California’s first B2B event since the recent historic election—will bring together top state regulators and industry leaders to discuss permits, business models, and opportunities within the newly enacted laws and landscape. Of course, the ICBC also famously offers some of the best cannabis industry networking, leveraging our worldwide following to connect wholesalers, brands, distributors, …


Dr. D what should I use to help me sleep?!

I recommend an either one or two pronged approach for using medical cannabis to help with a good nights sleep. For first line therapy I recommend an indica vape pen or tincture. 2-3 inhalations or 3-4 drops and wait 10-20 minutes and you should hopefully drift off into sleep. Using cannabis this way for sleep is the most common method …


What ratio of CBD to THC to use?

A common question my patients ask who are looking for concentrated oils to treat cancer is what is the ratio of CBD to THC they should use.  A very important question given that both CBD and THC have been shown to have anti tumor effects! While we do not have any clinical trials yet, we go forward with the best …