Keep your cannabis card in 2018?!

If you have a legit medical use for cannabis keeping your cannabis card could be a very good idea! What are the reasons to Keep the Card!? 1) You still may very well need a cannabis card to buy ANY cannabis in CA until well into 2018, by which I mean government is slow and they still may not have …


Vape Pen and Concentrate Safety

Here are several peer reviewed sources which support using vape cartridges and products free of thinning agents like propylene glycol. Also understand while black market products could be cheaper, there is a VERY high degree of pesticide contamination and potential carcinogenic thinning agents used in unverified products. The study below found a relationship between PEG in the air and asthma, …


The wrongful demonization of the THC “high”

Unfortunately we must still break down the stigma around the cannabis “high” that the federal government has so wrongly stigmatized. Let me tell you… from working as a physician for years the hospitals are full of patients enjoying their opiate “high” and pain relief and we don’t see Jeff “the NeoProhibitionist” Sessions yelling at people for enjoying their opiate high. …


Need help finding healthcare? Suicide or domestic violence hotlines? We have you covered.

Patient Resources Need help finding a physician near you?: Need help obtaining Healthcare?: Resources for Californians to obtain Health Insurance: Low income? Need help applying for Medi-Cal (Califronia’s Mediaid Program): Need help with your insurance plan and coverage? Contact the Department of Managed Healthcare: California Medical Board Statement regarding Medical Cannabis: Need Medicare?: …

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Cannabis topicals… what does the research actually show?

The peer reviewed papers only show topical cannabinoid preparations being effective in certain neuropathic pain, such as herpetic neuralgia. There is potential to aid in psoriasis Any other claims such as topicals being effective in decreasing arthritic pain, headaches, and muscle aches is unsubstantiated by research and based only on patient anecdotes – of which there is concern for …

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Paper showing why dosage in edibles is completely unreliable.

We have known dosage and homogenization of edible production has been a problem for a while. Here is a paper that shows just how unreliable and why regulation is badly needed, especially in the edible industry. Edibles are the most often way people overdose and have the greatest risk to be targeted at children with shady advertising that may appeal …


Can you purchase new firearms while having a cannabis card?

Not according to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – they demonized cannabis more than opiates, as folks with an opiate prescription can still purchase fire arms. Read the case:

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Time of onset and duration of action of cannabinoids

We often are asked about how long it takes to feel the effects of cannabis products given the different routes of administration. Here is a primary source answering these questions: The paper here is one of the peer reviewed papers we base our comments on: